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Walk the Walk…

As entrepreneurs, Gemstone is not afraid to get its hands dirty and in fact welcomes it.  We can best be  described as opportunistic.  Here are a few examples:

When Gemstone was in the early days of solar finance, it created a project development entity Tier 1 Generation, LLC to build two commercial solar systems to experience not only the full financial impact of the transactions, but also the ongoing operating issues.

When investors in CT Solar Leasing, the country’s first stand alone residential solar leasing business, needed someone to actively manage the development and management of the solar asset portfolio, Gemstone was there (

When Gemstone clients needed help in filing or completing Treasury 1603 Cash Grant requests, Gemstone built an infrastructure to meet the need.  We saw our clients losing money and time so we rolled up our sleeves to fix the problem.

Gemstone principles pride themselves on providing a deep level of financial expertise which in many cases includes experience in project development and operations.  Gemstone has taken on a development role in projects for a variety of reasons:

  • early stage projects need additional help or expertise in order to move good projects to the financing stage;
  • many times project leaders do not have enough experience so Gemstone will fill the often temporary role during the development stage;
  • on selected engagements, Gemstone has turned all or some of its fee into project equity.

If you need help, please just ask!

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