The Gemstone Group is a combination of highly skilled and experienced professionals providing high quality investment banking and financial advisory services for over a decade. The Gemstone Group adds value by providing creative solutions to the multitude of financial challenges that companies face. The firm is committed to providing responsive, successful execution.

The Gemstone group of companies includes Gemstone Lease Management, LLC which developed and operates the Connecticut Solar Leasing Program and was the first state sponsored residential solar leasing program in the country.  Gemstone also developed the highly successful Keystone Home Energy Loan Program (Keystone HELP), a Pennsylvania program which is a model for consumer energy efficiency lending.  Another affiliate is Tier 1 Generation, LLC which develops and operates renewable energy systems and aggregates renewable energy credits.  Orange Energy Solutions, LLC is the premier provider of home performance and energy efficiency contracting services in the Philadelphia area serving the residential and small commercial building market.

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