Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is comprised on many measures which aim to allow comparable goods and services to be manufactured or delivered using less energy.  Energy Efficiency does not mean doing without or with less (conservation) but simply getting the same or similar result while using less energy.  The market for energy efficiency offers great opportunities for service providers, utilities, and end users.  It is often said that the least expensive cost of producing watts of electricity are the ones that can be saved (negawatts).  The measures and technologies that allow businesses and consumers to improve the efficiency of their operations and homes are well established and improvements in building science continues to advance.   As with renewable energy, financing is a critical need for the industry and Gemstone has been key player in developing  and operating innovative financing programs for the industry.

Residential Energy Efficiency Financing

Gemstone developed its first consumer financing program in 2006 in response to a client’s desire to provide an incentive for consumers to choose more efficient home energy improvements.  The Keystone HELP (www.keystonehelp) program provides Pennsylvania homeowners with a variety of loan options with attractive interest rates which give the homeowner an incentive to install the more energy efficient measures.

Commercial Energy Efficiency Financing

Gemstone has developed financing programs that utilize a shared savings model to provide businesses with immediate savings on their energy costs.  The service provider/contractor, business/site owner, and financing provider agree on a prescribed set of improvements.  The financing provider funds the improvements in full upon completion and verification of savings.  The business/site owner makes a monthly payment to the financing organization which consists of a percentage of the energy savings provided by the improvements.  The business/site owner enjoys a net savings between a lower energy bill and the payment on the shared savings contract.

Gemstone is working with several financing organizations, equipment providers and contractors to set up programs tailored to the needs of our clients.

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